It's ok to rest.

July 13, 2018


I think it's pretty easy for us to feel like if we aren't being productive, we're not of value.  Like if we don't do the dinner dishes or finish the laundry right away, we are somehow less than we should be.  Maybe if f we aren't working on a project or task, we are letting someone down...even if it's just our self.


I know I used to feel that way all the time and I still struggle with it sometimes.  


But I'm here to tell you it's ok to rest.  Not just ok - it's practically required.  


One of my favorite quotes is "When you get tired learn to rest, not quit."  Think about it.  


If we are constantly in 'go go go' mode, it's exhausting.  In the literal sense of the word.  


We don't expect a car to run on an empty tank.  We know we have to get to the gas station before we hit the "E" on our gas gauge.  We would think it ridiculous to expect otherwise.  


Yet we push ourselves far beyond our own personal "E".  We go until we can't think straight and have to depend on notes and reminders and alarms to make sure not to forget something.  (And without rest -  if you're like me, you still forget things and make mistakes.)


We're tired and it feels bad.  And you know what?  We aren't as productive as we could be if we simply took some time to rest.  


I don't mean hours of napping...though, that sounds delicious some days.  I mean when you're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, down in the dumps...notice it.  


Then give yourself permission to have a break.  Start simple and's a habit that goes against much of what we've always done.  I'll start you off here:


Sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or whatever you like.  Just sit there and breathe.  


Take a bubble bath.  Or a nice hot shower.


Schedule a haircut.  Condition your hair.


Read a magazine...or heaven forbid....a book.  


Watch an entire episode of a show you haven't had a chance to watch.   


Paint your toenails if you're so inclined.


Crank up some music and dance like a crazy person for one song.   If you like it, go for two or three songs.  


Take a short walk in nature...even if it's just your yard.  Put your bare feet on the grass.  


Write a list of things you can do the next time you give yourself a break.  


Seriously, you do enough.  You are enough.  Allow yourself to rest.  


The dishes, laundry, projects...they'll all be there tomorrow.  (And the next day....)

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