1.  She's able to quickly connect with her audience.

2.  Interactive sessions - no lecturing.

3.  Who doesn't like to laugh?  She's funny!

 4. She isn't afraid to share relevant life experiences. 

5.  She weaves her expertise in through storytelling to help her audience realize we're all in this together.

6.  She's got decades of experience illuminating ideas for people and providing valuable insight.

7.  She can engage an audience like nobody's business...

8.  ...because she knows how to read the audience and she isn't hesitant to adapt midstream when needed.

9.  She knows how to get through the smokescreen & down to business.

10.  She shows her vulnerability and authenticity in order to empower others.

Signature Talks

TOP 10 Reasons to hire Jennifer

Signature Talk

The Power of No

Do you want to be more, give more, live more, do more?  

It all starts with the word 'no'.  

When we say yes to everyone else's priorities, we take the damage in our own lives.  This talk takes the emotion out of saying no and puts it where it needs to be - saying yes to your life and your priorities. 

Designed to empower and encourage women to rise up and become what they're meant to be - the best  version of themselves - this talk is for any woman who wants to feel empowered and excited about her life.  

The audience leaves with tools and tips they can incorporate into their life immediately.  

Adaptable for any size audience, this talk can be as short as 30 minutes for a burst of energy or expanded with practice exercises and interaction to be part of a workshop or retreat.

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