It's TRUE! You really can get Your Sparkle Back!  Here's how to start for free!

Introducing our new 5-Day Challenge:  Life 40 & Beyond - Rediscover YOU!

Feeling kind of dull lately?  Looking for your sparkle?  I got you covered!

If you want to get traction and take action towards your dream life after 40, you do not want to miss this free opportunity.


At the end of this challenge, you'll know exactly:

  • What makes your heart sing (laaaaaaaaaaaa!)

  • What you're tolerating and don't even realize (OH the relief when you can stop doing that!)

  • How to become aware when you're sabotaging yourself (We ALL do this...but we don't have to.)

  • What you need to let go of to move forward (set that "stuff" down!)

  • What you value most in life these days (hint...this gets you really close to your purpose...which gets you your SPARKLE!!!)

YAY!!!! You will LOVE it!!!

Starting February 5th, I'll do a brief live-stream each day (you'll'll learn) and then you'll get to spend about 20-30 minutes on your own really digging in to who is the woman you see in the mirror every day. I promise you'll learn valuable nuggets about yourself. (And you'll probably smile more in the mirror....because you're awesome and you'll know it!)

How would you like to get a grip on who you are and what you can do to get more energy, enthusiasm, and excitement as you begin to build the best second half anyone could even dream of? Who WOULDN'T want that?

I'll be around to support you and answer questions via email and FB - c'mon...what have you got to lose? It's FREE and you'll learn something that can make your life better!

Oh? Who the heck am I? I'm Jennifer...I lost my own sparkle and got it back and I just can't help but want to throw glitter everywhere! But seriously...EVEN more than that, I want to help other women to step into their very best life...won't you join me?

Also - I never remember to close the kitchen cabinets after I open them. And I laugh like a maniac at magic tricks when I can't figure them out. We all got our things.

See you soon?