BIO: Jennifer is a speaker, empowerment coach, and writer who helps women over 40 rediscover who they are, determine their ideal future, and design a plan and path to that future.  After over 20 years as a leader (and working mom) in corporate America, Jennifer made the (scary but amazing) transition to her own life on purpose.  It is now her life’s work to help other women take action & get traction so they can stop going through the motions and become fired up & fierce about their life.

Check out some samples of her work below.  


Get Your Power Back...(from wherever it went)

"What an amazing experience at this evening's meeting.  Our featured speaker, Jennifer Embery, was fantastic!  I personally feel like I have been to therapy, gone on a retreat, cleared my head, and have a business plan to put in place today with the tools she taught us this evening.  I am untangled!" ~Tish K., Attendee
"Jennifer's presentation was fantastic!  It was great to hear the audience laughing while learning about purpose at the same time.  Jennifer was engaging and really captured her life experiences and turned them into learning lessons.  She was down-to-earth and related beautifully to everyone in the room!" ~Deanna Nelson, PhD, ATC 
Manager of Wellness Services, St. Croix Regional Medical Centers


5-Day Rediscover You Online Challenge 2018

(2019 Challenge coming soon!)

"I found this challenge a remarkable experience I will take with me, implement, utilize, share, and treasure.  I found the assignments really allowed me to peel back the layers and get to know myself and what I truly want and the confidence to go out and get that for myself.  I am glad I got to be a part of this." Dawn B.

"I also liked the way everything was organized and easily done.  I've done other challenges like this but they were so complicated and difficult to follow, that I quit.  This was done so that I didn't have to put all my effort into figuring it out or following.  Thank you, keep doing what you are doing." ~ Elizabeth R. 

You deserve to take care of yourself.

The power of self-talk & how it impacts you.

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